The Errors of “Rome”

(this is from a discussion we were having in the WoT group about making tEotW into a movie):

  • My only complaint about Rome was the lack of accuracy. The biggest one (and I bought myself the first season, yet not the second, since Caesar was dead, and I don’t care about the Empire, just the Fall of the Republic) is this: Caesar, wh…en he reaches Rome before setting out after Pompey and the rest, goes to the Temple of Jupiter to seek “His” blessing. When the Pontifix comments about religion, Caesar tells him that he will leave the religion to the priests.

    Caesar was “flamen dialis” from when Gaius Marius bestowed the title upon him when he was 16 (in 84BC) (this is where he got Cinnilla, Julia’s mother, as his wife, because the flamen dialis had to be married.) Marius did it to keep Caesar from a military career (hence the reason Caesar trained with (and was adored by) the ranker soldiers rather than with the other “First Class” Senators and Knights), because he couldn’t touch weapons or be around the dead or dying. From that age until Lucius Cornelius Sulla removed him from the position after Caesar refused to divorce his wife (whatever he felt for her, he recognized that defying Sulla might be his only chance to get out of the flamenite…he ended up with pneumonia in the dead of winter too, so he almost died trying to get out of the position), Caesar was high priest of Jupiter. After being released, Caesar became Pontifix Maximus in 63BC, the HIGHEST priest of Jupiter, and was PM until he died in 44BC. To have him saying he would leave religion to priests was insulting, since most of his life was spent tied to BEING a priest.
    The other part that ticked me off was Cato. I hate him, but I respect his conviction. Without him, the “boni” would have collapsed with their denial of Caesar and his triumph and candidacy for the counselship. Cato was their backbone (the pig-headed Stoic that he was.) The point is, when Caesar was pardoning his enemies, Cato refused to allow him the dignity of “forgiving” him (especially since Cato wasn’t sorry), and fell on his sword. He screwed it up though, and his son found him in time to get a doctor to stitch the wound. When Cato woke, he frantically tore out his stitches and then (so they couldn’t do it again) started to pull out his own intestines. (He had the same of hatred for Caesar that Barid Bel has for LTT.) Can you imagine hating someone so much that you’d tear out your own guts before letting them pardon you??

    There are other things, but these two are the biggest ones for me. It demeans both men by “nulling” out incredibly important instances from their lives (and deaths.) The only reason there wasn’t an uproar is because it’s almost 2100 years later. (And don’t give me the “It’s Hollywood, artistic license” argument. Too many people accept what they see in movies and TV as the truth. Misrepresenting the well-documented events is just another way of re-writing history.)

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