The Marriage of William and Kate

(I posted this on random news page in response to people complaining about the “cost” of the Royal Wedding, and someone on Facebook saw it and re-posted it)

Wills and Kate were adamant about keeping the cost down for one, and for another, her family paid for it, the public did not (normally, with a royal wedding, the money comes from the income of the Crown, i.e. taxes); with as bad as things a…re, they didn’t want people thinking that they don’t understand how hard it is economically right now. And instead of gifts, they asked for donations to be made to different charities.

HOWEVER, when you hear people talking about how the wedding cost $10 million or $50 million, they aren’t talking about how much the actually wedding cost to have. They are talking about the effect on the economy. A Crown Prince doesn’t get married every day (hell, they don’t get married every decade!) Since it ends up being a National Holiday, most businesses are closed, hence they aren’t making money. So if the National economy averages a net income of say $10 billion a day, with the costs of living and running the country being around $9 billion (these are made-up numbers btw), it would mean that instead of an income of $1 billion, they would end up with a deficit of $11 billion (the $1 billion they would have had as profit, as well as the $10 billion they didn’t make.)

So, depending on how much the holiday cost the economy, Wills and Kate can only be blamed for having the temerity of getting married. Her father paid for the actual wedding (like most brides’ families) to spare the country’s economy (and it was stated, clearly, in the TV interview Wills and Kate had, that her family was paying for it BECAUSE of the economy, as well as donations instead of gifts).

It’s pretty sad that here in America, we can’t get help to Katrina victims, or even those who were devastated by the tornadoes this past week, but we can raise money for Haiti and Japan. And here is this Royal Couple not just setting up a charity fund instead of giving them gifts, but the charities that are getting helped are ones that don’t receive Royal funding, are “under the radar” as far as the public is concerned, so they need the money more than all the others. There’s even money going to New Zealand for the Christchurch earthquake, to helping the soldiers with PTSD (hell, our veterans program here is a JOKE), to the arts, to the environment. They even have one for Bullying (and you notice that Jared also said something about it in the SotU yesterday.)

Now, I’m an Panentheistic Atheist (don’t ask cause just like with the Echelon, you can’t explain it to someone who isn’t.) And traditionally, a prayer selected by the bride and groom is read; Wills and Kate wrote their own:

“God our Father, we thank you for our families; for the love that we share and for the joy of our marriage.
In the busyness of each day keep our eyes fixed on what is real and important in life and help us to be generous with our time and love and energy.
Strengthened by our union help us to serve and comfort those who suffer. We ask this in the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Just like MARS isn’t just another band, Wills & Kate aren’t just another pair of rich people blowing away everyone else’s money. If anything, you can look at the price tag of the wedding caused by it being a holiday and compare it to the amount of contributions to the different charities (which for most people in most countries are tax-deductible!) and see if more money goes to the charities than what the businesses of the country lost by being closed. I guarantee not only will the donations be higher, but with them at least you know the money is going where it’s supposed to, instead of what happens when greedy politicians put their hands in the till!

As anti-marriage as I am at this point (because for most people, it really doesn’t mean anything anymore), I’m over here in The Colonies (well, not really…neither Nevada nor California were around or even part of the British Empire, so I was never a resident of The Colonies, so :p ), and I’m rooting for them. Di’s son and her daughter-in-law are carrying on the way she would still be, trying to care for everyone else while taking care of each other. And Light willing, Elizabeth will stick around as long as the Queen Mum did, and Charles will never be King (I might start praying again if I think it will help keep him off the throne!) And unlike Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, WHEN Wills takes the Throne, Kate will be Queen (Elizabeth married after crowned, so Phillip will only ever be Prince Consort.) And I love the fact that she will be Queen with Diana’s ring on her finger.

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