WAR: Chairman of the Bored

Chairman of the Bored
By RavenKat
Georgetown, DC
April 17, 11:30 p.m.

“Are you still with us?”

Kat was staring hard at nothing and had to force herself to turn to Jan, her assistant. She had hired Jan almost twenty years ago and
considered her a real and true friend.

“I am so bored; I am about to petrify,” she sighed, melodramatically.

The small-statured associate chuckled and bustled past Kat to open the office drapes.  The moon was almost full and a breeze had picked up; both valid reasons to open the window, as well.  It had been a warm April so far in the nation’s capital – hopefully that didn’t indicate a blistering summer ahead.

In silence, Jan arranged the drapes just so, then attended to the cocktail cart.  A new shipment of “wine” had arrived from Detective Knight and contained a varied assortment of vintages.  The bottler had recently taken to scribbling a brief description of the donor on the label, for those with preferences.  Maryanne looked like it might have a measure of satisfaction for Kat.

“Oh, thanks,” Kat said, taking the glass from Jan.  She sipped at first then swallowed it more heartily.  “Hey, not bad” she remarked, surprised anything could interest her right now.

Business was basically running itself, Vachon and her family was in Toronto and nothing new had happened in years.  Sometimes that’s a good thing, Kat thought, but not this time. Even a life threatening emergency would come as welcome relief to this monotony.

“If you’re so bored, why don’t you go out tonight?”

“Ugh,” Kat replied, feeling petulant.

“Okay then, how about a trip?” Jan tried. “That’ll take planning and some measure of brain power….”

“I guess.” Kat stood up and started pacing the room.  “But where should I go?” she whined.

“Kat! You sound like a child! Just pick a place and go!” Jan scolded her, a laugh in her voice.

The vampire smiled in spite of herself. She could imagine what she looked like – a spoiled brat with all the money in the world and no one to entertain her.

“You’re right, as usual,” she admitted.  She reached out and squeezed Jan’s arm.  “What would I do without you?”

“Turn to stone,” she joked.  “Have you been home recently?” Jan inquired.

“Define `recently’.”

“Since the 1950’s?” Jan just picked a date out of the air. Her employer hadn’t been to France, that she knew of, since Jan had joined her just out of Wharton.

“Actually, no, I haven’t,” Kat replied, starting to think realistically about taking a trip to Paris. She returned to her desk, sat down and started dialing the phone.

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