WAR: I Love Paris in the Springtime

I Love Paris in the Springtime
by Trapper
April 18, 8:00pm

“Oui, oui.  Nous serons tout à fait condamnera à une amende ici pour le moment.  Si vous amènerez en haut les rafraîchissements pour la madame, cela fera.”  Larry sounded a bit exasperated as he instructed the young man to bring supplies up.

Monique heard the exchange fade behind her as she walked up the stairs and into her suite. Everything was as she had left it. The help had taken care of the dusting and the mail, though the fact that her larder had not been restocked was a bit troubling. She made a mental note to take care of it tomorrow.

The evening air stirred the curtains in front of the open doors to the balcony.  Monique could smell the lilacs blooming outside in the garden.  It was one of her favorite things about this small chateau.  Well, that and the view of “Le cimetière de Montmartre”.  She walked to the balcony and looked out over the graveyard.  Nothing had changed.  And yet, everything had changed.  She had changed.  Life had become so very confusing.  Not only did she not want Devin’s heart anymore; when they all parted, she kissed Anna like a sister and hugged Devin.  Not what Maman would have approved of at all.

She sighed and continued to gaze out at the tombstones and crypts.  Sometimes she longed for that peace, that utter silence of the soul.

“Miaow?” The plaintive cry startled her out of her reverie and she looked down to see a tiny, black furball with green eyes staring up at her.

“Violetta!” Monique exclaimed as she scooped the fluff up into her arms. “Ma petite, I’ve missed you so!” The vampire kitten purred and put her head under Monique’s black veil of hair, nuzzling in.

It was good to be home.

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