WAR: Paris by Air

Paris by Air
by Trapper
Nick’s Loft, Toronto
April 18th, 10:00pm

“Now, you’re sure you don’t need me?” Schanke lounged against the kitchen counter, munching on an apple. “I mean, the precinct can get along without me for a few days if you need me to help out in Paris.”

Nick zipped up the garment bag and turned to face his old friend.  “Schanke,” he said, placing a hand on Don’s shoulder, “Moira would never forgive me if I took you to Paris without her.”  Nick saw the crestfallen look on his partner’s face.  “Tell you what.  You put in for the off time, pack up Moira and as soon as I get to Paris I’ll send the jet back for you. It can be a sort of second honeymoon.  What do you say?”

Schanke brightened considerably and slam-dunked the apple into the garbage can.  “I say that Mrs. Schanke’s only son is off the diet and preparing to parlez vous français!”  He grabbed Nick by the shoulders.  “Thanks, buddy.  I couldn’t stand sitting in the captain’s office while you were off having an adventure. And this’ll make serious points with Moira.”  He checked his watch.  “Speaking of which, I’d better head back.  I’ll see you in Gay Paree, Nick.” The elevator closed on the sounds of “Lilli Marlene” being whistled off-key.

Nick shook his head and smiled to himself.  It was going to be an interesting trip to Paris.  Hopefully, Don wouldn’t bring any of his loud Hawaiian shirts. Nick glanced at the photo of Trapper he kept on the piano.  It had been far too long since they’d seen each other, but he planned to make up for that.  He took the small box from his pocket, grinned and put it back.  There was no doubt in his mind that this would truly surprise her.

Gathering up his luggage, he headed for the elevator. If the Brabant Foundation’s plane was ready to go, he should be in Paris by tomorrow night.

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