WAR: April in Paris

April In Paris
by Evie & Trapper
Paris Airport
April 19, 4:30 pm

“Hey! Hey!”

Evie and Trapper looked around at the sound of a familiar voice. Across the roped-off divide, Joe Dawson was waving a sign with their names on it.

“Subtle,” Trapper remarked dryly. “They’ll never see us coming.”

“That’s Joe,” Evie agreed.

Evie looked up at the pub sign and then at her companion, shaking her head sadly. “Joe. Azka-bar? Did you leave your good taste at home?”

Joe chuckled. “At least you got the joke.”

“It’s a terrible pun. Terrible.”

“But those are the best kind!” Joe held the door for Evie and Trapper as they entered the bar.

Trapper winced at the decor. “Terrible,” she agreed.  She flinched from the pink flamingo neon sign hung over the bar and swiftly located the darkest, most remote corner of the establishment.  “Booth?” she suggested, her spurs chiming gently as they made their way to the refuge.

“It is awfully bright,” Evie slid into the booth. “Especially given the place it refers to.”

Trapper frowned, lowering her shades. “Too damn bright. Coffee.”

Joe looked at them bemused. “The flight was… difficult,” Evie explained. “You know how people like to keep the window shade up so they can see the arctic sunrise?”

Joe winced. “Exactly,” Evie nodded. “We had a tough time convincing our window-seat traveling companion to keep it down. I think you scarred him for life, Traps.”

“One can hope,” Trapper growled from behind her dark glasses. Sunlight had always made her cranky, even when she was alive.

The waiter approached, looking to Joe expectantly. “Mesdames et Monsieur? Qu’est que vous boirez?”

“Um, je veux une bire, s’il vou plait?” Joe replied hesitantly. “You two?”

Trapper looked at Evie, who looked at le garçon.  “Deux café au lait, tres forte, s’il vous plait.  Et un petite d’jeuner, je pense. Qu’avez-vous obtenu de manger?”

“Canada,” Trapper replied to Joe’s unspoken question. “She’s been working on her French so she can immigrate.”

“Ah,” Joe nodded. “You know, Evie, if you need a sponsor…”

“Merci, madame, monsieur.” The waiter gave a tiny bow as he left, apparently not too annoyed.

“Are you saying you’ll marry me, Joe?” Evie grinned.

Joe flushed. “Err… not exactly. I was more thinking of offering you a job if you need one.”

“I am sad.” Evie mock-pouted. “You don’t love me anymore.”

“Yeah but he doesn’t love you any less,” Trapper said. “Coffee?”

“On its way,” Evie replied. She closed her eyes and slumped down on the bench. Her slouch hat slid forward over her eyes. “Long flight,” she mumbled.

“Crying baby,” Trapper explained. Joe nodded. “In addition to the idiot with the window fetish. Guh. Even before… this all happened, I never liked sunlight.” She stood abruptly. “Time for a visit to the little vampires’ room.”

Joe watched Evie for a few minutes. “Hey.” She cracked one eye open. “Don’t take it so hard. If it’s that important, I’ll marry you, for God’s sake.”

Evie chuckled, closing her eyes again. “I knew what you meant.”  She sat up and stretched. “And I may take you up on that offer. Tech work isn’t as easy to find as I thought it would be.”

“It’d be nice to have you around,” Joe said. He folded his hands on the table as the waiter brought his beer and ‘cafe pour les mesdames’.

“I’m going to hit him if he calls me madame again,” Evie grumbled before taking a long pull on her espresso. “Ah, very nice. Itatakimasu!”

Joe sipped his beer and watched Evie drain her cup. “Hey,” he said. “I’m just wanted to say I heard about Rachel. I’m sorry.”

Evie set the cup carefully on the table before meeting his eyes. “Yeah. Me too.” She sighed, staring at the empty cup. “Sometimes it just doesn’t work, no matter how much you want it to.”

“Yeah, I hear that.” He fiddled with his glass for a moment before knocking back the remaining beer. “Life sucks sometimes.”

“Don’t it just,” Evie agreed.

Joe looked around and lowered his voice. “So, where’s Nick? I thought he and Trapper…”

“Oh, he’s on his way,” Evie replied, taking another grateful swig of the coffee. “But, you know, he works in Toronto and they both have lives. He couldn’t get away any sooner to come out. Once he gets here, I’m sure they’ll be glued at the hip.”

Joe rolled his eyes and nodded in agreement.

Trapper returned to the table where she made short work of her latte. “Think you can get him to bring another?” she asked, licking the foam from the rim of the cup. Her eyes flashed yellow as she ran her tongue over her fangs.

“Only if you promise not to sound like you’re tearing down an antelope when you drink it.” Evie shuddered slightly. “I am NEVER going to get used to that.”

When the waiter returned with Evie’s lunch, she asked him for another round of café and one more beer. Joe reluctantly shared the sandwich, at Evie’s insistence.

“So,” Trapper said. “What’s next?”

“Duncan is supposed to meet us here,” Joe replied, looking at his watch. “And then we go find the others.”

“You know where they are?” Evie asked. “I thought Kat was going to the Saint Germain de Pres?”

“Oi! They let anyone in here.”

“Hey, where you been?” Joe got to his feet and embraced MacLeod with real fondness. “Been too long, man.”

“Did you know there’s a pub called ‘Highlander’?” Duncan asked. “Over on the Rue de Nevers. ‘lo Trapper. Evie.” He grinned and slid onto the bench, Joe following him.

“No way,” Evie grimaced. “That’s almost as bad as Azka-bar.”

“I thought it was funny,” Duncan said with a grin.

“You would,” Joe grumbled.

The waiter returned and they ordered another round, including food for Duncan.

“So, Monique says we can all stay with her,” Duncan explained between beer and sandwich.

“Ah,” Trapper nodded. “Works for me.”

“But we should watch out for the cat,” Duncan finished. “And before you ask,” he held up one restraining hand, “I have no idea what she means by that.”

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