WAR: Good Morning, Starshine

Good Morning Starshine
by RavenKat
April 19
Midair, 5:30 a.m.

“Ms. O’Neill, just wanted to let you know that sunrise is in a few minutes and the weather in Paris today with be partly cloudy with a high of 65.”

Kat pushed the intercom button and replied, “Thanks Captain. Will we be landing soon?”

The pilot’s microphone relayed the sound of shuffling papers. “We should be arriving at Charles de Gaulle in under an hour.”

“Sounds great. Now pay attention to your driving,” she joked and twisted to open the nearest window shade. It slid up with ease and Kat gazed out at the calm sea of clouds below them.  Soon, the sun peeked over the horizon and began to shine into the cabin of the speeding jet. She slowly stuck her hand into the rays and let the warmth seep into her perpetually cold flesh. It was truly a miracle that she wasn’t going up in flames.

The company that sold her the Gulfstream V had highlighted the special advantages of this specific flying luxury suite. It was an amazing vehicle and worth every penny of the $28 million she had paid for it.  The gentleman that had negotiated the sale was more than a little creepy but Kat was willing to deal with him if it meant being able to see the sun again. She hadn’t gone so far as to have that glass installed anywhere else, because she wasn’t exactly sure how Wolf, Ram and Hart had accomplished such a feat and didn’t feel comfortable having any more contact with the law firm than was
completely necessary. She was excited to see Vachon’s reaction.

She turned to her guest and contemplated waking him. The purring of the jet was a comforting sound and had lured Javier into relaxing to the point of sleep. He was lounging on the leather sofa and had yet to notice that sunshine was creeping up his jeans.

“Ahem!” she coughed obviously.

Javier opened his beautiful eyes and stared languidly at his travelling companion. Kat smiled. He was still the handsome conquistador she had met almost 20 years ago outside the Raven. His hair was longish and scruffy, and he dressed like the carefree soul that he was. She had offered, more than once, to fund a nicer place for him to live since his church had been torn down for some new construction, but he refused. He would stay at Kat’s condo on occasion for a taste of luxury but mostly he stayed where he could and where he felt unencumbered. Kat loved that about him and stopped offering a few years back.

The elder vampire ran her hand up and down through the beams of sunshine more than once before Javier understood what she was doing.  He sat up instantly. He followed the rays to his own pant leg and blinked.

“Unbelieveable,” he said softly. She had regaled him with tales of feeling sun on her face after almost 800 years of darkness, but it was different than actually feeling it on your own flesh. The sensation was just as he remembered it, though not as strong as the Incan sun of his last day as a mortal. He leaned forward onto his knees to get a better look out the tiny window. The plane began descending through the cloud cover, heading towards Paris, but he caught one last glimpse of el sol before it slipped out of direct sight.

At this angle, Javier was within inches of Kat’s knees. He placed his hands on her legs and pulled himself up close to her face.  She was pale and slightly freckled with flaming red hair kept in a perpetually tousled style. Her hazel eyes sparkled with tiny flecks of amber; it had been months since they had been together.

“Thank you,” he said, kissing her tentatively on the lips. Kat placed her hand on the back of his head and pulled him in closer.  She wasn’t letting him get away that easily!

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