WAR: It’s All a Game

It’s All A Game


Toronto, Night

“Zombie s at six o clock,” Angelique lifted the automactic rifle in preparation to defend her ragtag group of suvivors.

“Noted,” Sukh acknowleged as she lifted her chainsaw and pulled the startup cord. The whine of the saw slowed down a few of the uncoming zombies, but most kept coming, lured by the scent of fresh human.

“Fuckers,”  Tom, one of the suvivors, lifted his pump action and took aim.

“Fire, Tom!” Angelique watched as a zombie went down, a huge chunk of the creature’s head exploded in black and gray.

“ Go Sukh!” Angelique watched as the redhead waded into battle, the chainsaw loping off heads as Tom contined to load and fire his weapon.

Angelique aimed and fired her rifle. The first row of creatures fell, their heads shredded by the repid fire of the automatic fire. The rifle jammed.

“Damnit!” She growled as she ripped off her  helmet.

The test lab of Nitecrawler Games appeared as the test of the newest high tech simulation game stopped.

Sukh pulled of her equipment with a grin. Tom did the same, and started to exit the test room.

“I’m hitting the lab. I’ll put in my report on the weapon I used.”

“Lucius, it jammed agaion in the same place. Get someone on that glitch.”  Angelique yanked off her gloves and stomoped towards the control booth of the  holosimulation area. “ Gamers with this kind of money will not toleate this kind of mistake.”

“Birkoff, find the glitch and correct it.” LaCroix suggested in a silky growl.

“Birky, I’ll give you a hand,” Sukh entered the control booth as  Birkoff started to hustle off.

“ Sure, you’ll be able to help me pinpoint the damage.” Birkoff consulted his computer and set it to download to the other lab. “I need Tom’s imput too.”

As soon as the mortals hustled off, LaCroix turned to Angelique. “I think, Dark Venus, that we need some time away from this project. The Paris Gaming convention is soon. Perhaps basking in the success of the last game would help. We were nominated for some awards for it.”

“I suppose,” Aangelique sighed. “New Jereselum after Dark  did do very well in the MMO online subscription category.  I do think Micah should come as well.”

“Go where?” Angelique’s Immortal brother asked as he stepped into the booth. “I need this for the next test of that new time battle game.”

“The Paris gamer convention.” LaCroix shot Angelique a brief glare. “Maybe this will improve you mood after not finding your beloved Hanna.”

“I could usea break.” Micah. “Let me see if Duncan can take over for a bit and tweak the Culledon battle game sequence.”

“I also want Sukh, Spike and Angel in Paris as well. Have Willow and Tara work on the  the paranormal battle game with Oz.” Angelique paused. “Wait,  give Oz to Duncan as an assistant. Get Willow ,Faith and Tara on with Tom on the Zombie battle and the paranormal game. Have Giles make the travel arrangments. Then get him on checking the spells for the parnormal game to make sure they are beign in RL. I  don’t need a lawsuit from an idiot that accidentally summoned a Demon at this point in the company’s success.”

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