WAR: Flying in Style

Flying in Style

By Trapper

April 19th



Nick shut his laptop and leaned his head back in the leather airplane seat with a sigh. All of the Brabant Foundation business was caught up, nothing was expected of him for the next few weeks, and he was free to go to Paris and enjoy himself. He looked out the window, enjoying the play of sun on clouds, and the warmth on his skin. He must remember to thank Kat for the gift of this special glass for the plane. Seeing the sun, being in it, he felt almost human.

He suddenly realized that he hadn’t thought about the idea of becoming mortal in a long time. Meeting Trapper had changed all of that for him. For the first time in eons, Nick actually enjoyed being a vampire, though he’d never admit that to LaCroix. He was seeing everything through new eyes with Trapper. Things that he took for granted, like flying, were exciting. Life was good, and he had to thank that blonde Seattleite that had walked into his life, and his heart. He could honestly say that he was happy.

Nick smiled to himself and checked his watch. Landing in Paris soon, and then the fun would start. He took the small, elegant box out of his pocket and opened it, to look at it in the light. “Ornate without being ostentatious,” he thought, closing the lid.

Alice, the attendant, brought him a glass of his “usual”. “We’ll be landing in half an hour, sir. The limousine will be waiting for you.” Nick nodded as she returned to the rear of the plane to prepare for landing.

Buckling up, Nick leaned back into the headrest and let his mind wander. It was amazing how much had happened in the last few years. Don had become captain, and turned out to be remarkably good at it. He had a way of dealing with people and putting them at ease. Everyone on the force loved him. He and Myra had gotten through that bad patch after Jenny was rescued. It was a shame that Don’s daughter couldn’t be helped with therapy, but I guess we all have to find our own way. As soon as she was old enough, she left home. Nick had kept discreet tabs on her, just enough to know what city she was in, but she’d dropped out of sight in Las Vegas a week or so ago. Thank God they still had Jimmy at home. He was a bit younger, and a straight A student. ‘Sweet kid,’ Nick thought to himself. Natalie had married Benton Fraser, and was talking about retiring to Vancouver or Victoria. She certainly deserved some happiness, especially after what he’d put her through. Trapper had mentioned that Evie had gone back to school, and finished her anthropology degree. He’d have to show her some of the artifacts he’d collected over the years. And then there was Trapper.

They were seeing each other every couple of weeks, either she’d fly up to Toronto, or he’d fly to Seattle. They didn’t seem to be able to get enough of each other’s company. He smiled, thinking about the last time he saw her, two weeks ago. She had wanted to go hunting. Knowing that Nick didn’t hunt people anymore, she suggested that they go elk hunting in the Olympic National Forest. He’d forgotten so much of the enjoyment of the hunt, but running through the woods with Trapper after prey, it was like putting on a familiar pair of gloves. After they brought down the 8 point buck, and drank their fill, they’d made wild, bloody love in the woods next to the carcass. Trapper knew some people that needed the meat, so they left it on their doorstep with a note. She made him feel alive again, there was no doubt about it. He had no more regrets about being a vampire. If he hadn’t been, he’d be dust now, and would never have met her. And THAT would be tragic.

This time in Paris would make up for some of the absence. He readied himself for landing.